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marvel idea: give black widow a female love interest. me. hire me to kiss scarlett johansson.

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Ian & Mickey || He can’t fake that

[Audio only here]

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He’s your brother. And he’s drowning. 

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#i just ADORE this moment so much because #when kieren gets all ~angry~ and wound up about simon not being a ~normal person~ #and he looks up with his big big eyes all defensive and ready to give simon a piece of his mind #simon just can’t help but look at him with SO MUCH awe and his expression is just so TENDER #and he’s mirroring kieren’s face - lips parting slightly and his eyes searching kieren’s #and he’s probably not even listening until about 5 seconds in #(psst you can actually pinpoint the exact moment in the third gif when he starts to actually listen) #because LBR he probably finds it absolutely adorable when kieren’s like this #and every single ‘you’re incredible kieren’ and ‘you should see him… he’s beautiful’ is right there in his expression even before he says them and thinks he’s the First Risen #and it just further proves that simoN MONROE IS SO FAR GONE IT IS ACTUALLY RIDICULOUS #I AM 1000000% DONE WITH THESE TWO

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Okay, so, you’re an optimist with depressive tendencies.

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"Sean was very much Sam for me. You know, always looking after me, being there for me." - Elijah Wood (2001) // “Well, I felt very, um… protective over Elijah, for no reason. He could take care of himself fine.” - Sean Astin (2012)

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